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"We love Jennifer so much! She is the best dance instructor we could've ever hoped for in preparing for our wedding! We first met Jennifer when a friend of ours gave us a Groupon for a couple of dances with Ballroom Brilliance. We enjoyed the class that we went to so much that we decided to do a few more dance classes with her. Once we became engaged, we knew we HAD to get Jennifer to teach us for our first dance at our wedding. She is amazing- she is so talented, patient, friendly, and really worked on a vision for us based on who we are as people (and as a couple). It was such a gift. She choreographed our dance from beginning to end and worked with us every step of the way to tweak it exactly the way we wanted. It truly became our unique dance. Butterflies aside, it was such a huge success on our wedding day. It is one of our favorite parts. Other friends of ours made comments that they'd taken dance lessons prior to their wedding too, but the dance didn't come close to our final product. We have Jennifer to thank for that. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into your craft- you are a phenomenal teacher and we are so lucky to have you as part of our wedding memories FOREVER!!" -Tiara and Tom




"I cannot say enough about Jennifer and the quality of dance instruction she provides. She is able to pick up on personalities, attitudes and habits in a way that allows her to skillfully, diplomatically and gently correct and teach. A very encouraging and attentive instructor. She truly cares about her clients and is always willing to go the extra mile to help them become proficient in the art that she loves... Dancing! Thank you Jennifer for causing me to realize how much I love it too!" -Carnette E.

"Jennifer is a highly accomplished and talented dance instructor. She has a unique ability to meet the student at their level, understand their learning style and quickly advance the course of study. I look forward to each lesson, knowing that it will be fun and educational. Jennifer's handling of a group large or small is like poetry. Leaning becomes an adventure and perceived limits vanish. Jennifer has shared her love of dance with me and I cannot thank her enough for the change it has made in my life." -Royce K.

"You are an inspirational dance instructor Jennifer! You encourage and educate with great love and wisdom. I enjoy each and every lesson you teach about rhythm and balance. I love the positive energy I feel after each lesson and carry it forward at work and throughout my life." -Rosalie M.


"It's always fun! If you don't get it the first time, Jen can break it down so it can be understood!"- Aubrey K.

"Jennifer is GREAT instructor! She is very educated and experienced and clearly loves teaching dance, of all kinds! She is helping my fiancé and I with our first dance for our wedding and is full of great ideas. She teaches great technique and is extremely personable. Jennifer makes the experience fun and keeps things flowing smoothly. We definitely recommend you try a class with her as soon as you can! :-)"- J.B.

"Jennifer is awesome. We had a number of years in dance before moving to Colorado. We found Jennifer and explained we were so rusty and needed help. Well as I said my wife and I have had many dance instructors, but Jennifer is a cut above. She is fun and gracious and professional. She is an intuitive instructor who can truly help you learn what to do."- Richard P.


"Jennifer Shirokov of Ballroom Brilliance is one of those people that once you know, you can’t understand how lucky you are to know such an incredible person.
We met Jennifer through Groupon. Our wedding would be in September 2019, and it was around January/February that we decided to choreograph our first dance.
I’ve never met anyone who understands dance like Jennifer! We didn’t go with a traditional first dance song, but as soon as she heard the song the first day she started teaching. She knew right away which step options we had, and we started working on those (neither of us had EVER danced before).
Before we knew it, we were coming back for more lessons. She is incredible patient, fun, creative, adaptive, and eloquent with her teaching. She caters everything to both your style and your skill, challenging you just enough while effortlessly making you excited about what you’re creating together. A completely custom dance, wow!!

Thank you for everything, Jennifer!"    -Taylor and Leah


"I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer! She choreographed our entire first dance for us! Everybody LOVED our dance. Having a Disney wedding, everything was over the top and our dance was definitely on the same level. Thank you so much!"

-Kassandra and Brandon

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